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Mini Family Photography Sessions: Family Posing Workflow!

In today’s economy, who can afford $800 or more for a family shoot? My recent experience has been that most people are wanting to book a mini session right now do so because they are looking for updated family photos, and they want them quick, easy and at an affordable price!

What are the benefits of offering mini family sessions to your clients?

  • A mini-sessions usually last 15-20 minutes. Since these session are designed to be quick, you can easily do 4 sessions an hour!
  • In an uncertain economy, mini family sessions are another way to make extra money.
  • The deliverables from a mini session should be a lot different than what you offer during a full session. They don’t have a big gallery of over 100 images, nor do they have a wide variety of poses. A mini session is more about documenting and capturing the changes from one year to the next as opposed to family portrait poses.
  • Because you’ll only be using one location and lighting setup for the mini sessions, batch editing should be easy.

Every time I do a mini family portrait, I use a pose workflow. You can find it here:

  1. One nice photo of everyone looking at the camera: I start by lining up the family so they’re all facing the same direction. I then direct the hands to be held and the arms to be drawn in for more interest and connection.
  2. As everyone’s already on the same focal plane, I ask them to hold hands and slowly move closer to me: First, I ask them to look at me for a few seconds, then I ask them to look at each other. In my experience, adding movement to a group loosens everyone up and makes them feel more relaxed.
  3. Mom with Kids: Next, I take Dad out of the picture and get a pic of Mom with all her babies. This pose is all about capturing mom and her babies in a candid moment as they embrace!
  4. Dad with Kids: The next step is swapping Mom and Dad. It’s not uncommon for dads to be a little hesitant about relaxing for a picture. Make sure you give them some time to play around so you can get some great candids!
  5. Just the Kids: Lastly, boot Dad out and get the kids bundled up. Have fun, play games, tell jokes, and capture some candid photos!
  6. Each Kid alone (if I have time): Take a quick headshot of each kid if you have time. For consistency, make sure you use the same orientation and background.
  7. Mom and Dad Alone: Probably by now the kiddos are checking out and tired, so I ask Mom and Dad to hold back for a minute and take a quick photo together.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope the information you found is useful.

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