Best Family Portrait Photographers Near Me

What are family portraits?

Basically, a family portrait is a group shot. It’s usually the same family members. In a way, it serves as a record of who is part of the family and demonstrates the close relationship between the members. Traditionally, a family portrait is posed as a group, facing the camera, in a studio. A trend towards creative family portraits has emerged in recent years.

What Are 3 Types Of Portrait Photography?

There are numerous types of portrait photography to choose from, but here are three main types and their objectives.

  • The Standard Posed Portrait – Portrait photography in this subtype is characterized by the subject being aware of the camera and usually maintaining eye contact with the lens. A portrait shot of this type usually only includes the subject’s head and shoulders rather than the entire body, and emphasizes the subject’s facial expressions. The traditional posed portrait is typically shot in a studio setting with formal backdrops.
  • Candid Portraits – Portraits of this type usually depict subjects who are unaware that they are being photographed. Since they are not staged or planned, there is no eye contact, and no posing is involved. Photographs such as these provide a unique insight into the subject’s raw and candid emotions. It is for this reason that these types of portrait shots are often considered to be among the purest and most unfiltered forms of portrait photography. Portrait photography of this type is primarily concerned with capturing spontaneous moments. It is for this reason that street photographers tend to take spontaneous pictures of people on the streets. When taking a candid portrait, it is always important to pay attention to the fine details and relationships between the background atmosphere and the subject. There is often a story between the subject and the surroundings that can be captured and told through this type of portrait.
  • Creative Portraits – In terms of portrait photography, this type provides the greatest degree of creative freedom. It is the primary purpose of these portraits to convey an idea. It is essentially a form of abstract representation that you are using to create imagery.

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